Genocide Prevention and Refugee Action

International Conference
In 2009 we held a highly successful workshop with Tel Aviv University on genocide prevention and the Sudanese asylum seekers in Israel. This was followed by the first international conference commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Genocide Convention. We had over 400 attendees specifically linking academics, NGOs, activists, artists, government officials and survivors under one roof.
We also commissioned a paper from Lili on introducing genocide education into the syllabus in Israel. See here:

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Current project: African minors seeking asylum in Israel
Approximately 400 youth, mostly from Sudan and Eritrea are currently stranded in Israel with no state protection, support or framework. These are asylum seekers who came to Israel as minors and are now out of the school system and on their own.
The programme provides this population with mentorship to navigate this difficult time. It is run by ASSAF and CIMI, Israel.