THIRST Game - Environmental and Peace Activism

I am looking for collaborators for this project.
Based on Friends of the Earth Middle East’s work in Israel, Jordan and Palestine.

The game THIRST combines the survival and strategy genres of gaming that necessitates collaboration around the need for water.
THIRST is built on the principles of environmental activism and peace building. Even though it has an educational motive, THIRST is constructed to attract players by being fun and entertaining. It will have a multi player format and players will need to cooperate to overcome some obstacles. Players will have tools to deal with certain obstacles and will be empowered to make his own choice in the race to save the region from destruction.

Why games?
Playing games is how children learn. Fun creates engagement and stimulates our natural curiosity. This is the key to human development. Games enhance our basic human abilities for creativity, cooperation, and understanding. Playing within the rules of the game allows the child, and then the adult to have a structure for his/her creativity to flower.
Games can also provide important knowledge transfer in an enjoyable manner and today are more consciously being being introduced into the school environment.

With the popularity of Virtual Reality Gaming, we are seeing the great potential of gaming to actually create a different future – by drawing a new vision of the future and having players actively participating and investing in it, new worlds are created that can be translated into real life activism.